Executive Committee

Officers of the Society

The current membership of the Society’s Executive Committee is as follows. The Committee is normally elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. If you would like to help in the organisation of the Society’s activities, please get in touch with the relevant Committee member.

Simon Gilson (Chair; 2018-21) (1st term) Oxford simon.gilson@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk
Gigliola Sulis (Hon. Secretary; 2018-20) (2nd term) Leeds g.sulis@leeds.ac.uk
Jo Lee (Hon. Treasurer; 2016-19) (2nd term) Warwick jo.lee@warwick.ac.uk

Under Clause 10 (a)

Clodagh Brook (Research Portfolio; 2016-19) (2nd term)  Trinity College, Dublin  brookc@tcd.ie
Selena Daly (ECRs; membership: 2016-19) (1st term)  University College, Dublin .daly@ucd.ie
Caterina Sinibaldi (Language portfolio; 2018-21) (1st term)  Warwick  c.sinibaldi@warwick.ac.uk
 Stephen Milner ((Liaison with HoDs and equivalent; 2018-2020) (2nd term)  British School at Rome  director@bsrome.it
Paola Nasti (Schools engagement; 2018-2020)  (2nd term)  Reading  p.nasti@reading.ac.uk
Francesco Goglia (PGR coordinator; 2016-19) (1st term)  Exeter  F.Goglia@exeter.ac.uk
Silvia Ross ((Italian in Ireland; employability/professionalisation;  2016-19) (1st term)  University College Cork  sross@italian.ucc.ie
Nicoletta Di Ciolla (Website; 2016-19 ) (2nd term)  Manchester Metropolitan  n.diciolla@mmu.ac.uksiswebmanager@gmail.com
Marina Spunta (Prizes coordinator; 2018-2021) (1st term)  Leicester  ms96@le.ac.uk

 Under Clause 10 (b)
Marta Balzi (PGR Representative)

Under Clause 10 (c)
Giuliana Pieri (Editor, Italian Studies: Cultural Studies issue) Royal Holloway
Ruth Glynn (Editor, Italian Studies) Bristol
Catherine Keen (Editor, Italian Studies) UCL

Under Clause 10 (d)

Daniela La Penna (Choose Italian; 2016)

Giuliana Pieri (UCML rep)