Notes in Italian Studies

Notes in Italian Studies is an online, open-access journal which publishes note-length studies by postgraduate and early-career researchers working in the field of Italian Studies, with a particular focus on research from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The guiding ethos of the journal is academic rigour, ensured by a process of internal double-blind peer review. It is edited by postgraduate and early-career members of the Society for Italian Studies (SIS) and aims to publish one volume each year, linked to the annual SIS Postgraduate Colloquium. Alongside exhibiting the ground-breaking and wide-ranging research of postgraduate and early-career members of the SIS, the journal also includes a Doctoral Bulletin Board, which serves as a record of doctorates awarded in Italian Studies in the UK and Ireland.

Volume 2 (2023) – Really Fantastic! Intertwinements, Exchanges, and Discordances Between Realism and The Fantastic in Italian Culture

Volume 1 (2021) — Italy at Work: Representations of Labour in Italian Culture)