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The Journal

SIS_journal_66Italian Studies was founded in 1937 as the annual journal of the Society for Italian Studies (SIS), and has established itself nationally and internationally as one of the leading journals in the discipline. The journal has contributed to the development and broadening of Italian Studies as a field of enquiry within the Arts and Humanities, and has itself expanded in 2005 to two issues, in 2010 to three issues, and in 2015 to four issues per year. The editors welcome original scholarly and critical work, in English or Italian, on Italy’s literary culture, and also work on Italy from a range of other disciplines and inter-disciplinary fields, including history, politics, linguistics, art history, film, gender and cultural studies. Articles which adopt a comparative or global perspective on Italy are encouraged alongside those whose focus is exclusively the Italian peninsula and islands. Each issue includes a reviews section, and usually a review article, which encompass a similarly broad spectrum of the most recent Italian-related publications. Interviews with scholars, writers and creative practitioners are often featured.

The first (February) and second (May) issues of the journal each year are the general issues, including articles of critical enquiry into Italian literature, film, art, history, language, and critical theory from the thirteenth century to the twenty-first. The third (August) is normally a themed issue, and may appear as a guest-edited Special Issue, where a suitably developed topic and body of material have been proposed. The fourth (November) is the Cultural Studies issue, dedicated to articles addressing aspects of Italian culture, again from medieval times to the present day, using materials and modes of enquiry which extend the methodological scope of the discipline.

All submissions to Italian Studies are submitted to a process of rigorous peer review by members of the Editorial Board of the journal and external subject experts. This process normally takes ten to twelve weeks. Both individual article submissions and proposals for Special Issues should be addressed to one of the Senior Editors of the journal, whose respective responsibilities are:

  • Heather Webb (University of Cambridge, UK),
  • Charlotte Ross (University of Birmingham, UK),
  • Silvia Ross (University College Cork, Ireland),

The Journal also contains a reviews section. Authors and publishers who would like volumes to be considered for review should contact the Reviews Editors:


  • Nicoletta Di Ciolla (Manchester Metropolitan University).  Items for review should be posted to the Reviews Editor at the following address:
    • Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Geoffrey Manton Building, Rosamond Street West, Manchester M15 6LL


  • Kenneth Clarke (University of York). Items for review should be posted to  the Reviews Editor at  following address:
    • Dept. of English & Related Literature, University of York, York, YO10 5DD

For all further information on the journal, please see the Italian Studies section of the Taylor and Francis website, which includes links to:

  • Subscription information
  • Current and back issues, 1937-present
  • Full list of members of the Editorial Board
  • Instructions to authors.