Executive Commitee

Officers of the Society

The current membership of the Society’s Executive Committee is as follows. The Committee is normally elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. If you would like to help in the organisation of the Society’s activities, please get in touch with the relevant Committee member.

Simon Gilson (Chair; 2021-24) (2nd term)Oxfordsimon.gilson@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk
Claudia Rossignoli (Hon. Secretary; 2020-23) (1st term) St Andrewscr41@st-andrews.ac.uk
Tristan Kay (Hon. Treasurer; 2022-25) (2nd term) Bristoltristan.kay@bristol.ac.uk

Under Clause 10 (a)

Emma Bond (Research Portfolio; 2022-2025) (2nd term) University of St. Andrewsefb@st-andrews.ac.uk
Katharine Mitchell (Memberships, 2020-2023) (1st term)University of Strathclydekatharine.mitchell@strath.ac.uk
Alessia Risi (Language Teaching, 2020-23) (1st term) University of Exetera.risi@exeter.ac.uk
Daniela La Penna (Italian Language Officer - "Choose Italian, 2020-23) (1st term)University of Readingd.lapenna@reading.ac.uk
Alessio Baldini (Community Engagement and Teaching; 2022-2025) (2nd term)University of Leedsa.baldini@leeds.ac.uk
Carlotta Paltrinieri (PG coordinator, 2021-2024) (1st term)Royal HollowayCarlotta.Paltrinieri@rhul.ac.uk
Chiara Giuliani (Italian in Ireland; employability/professionalisation; 2022-25) (1st term)University College Cork chiara.giuliani@ucc.ie
Michela Prevedello (Website Coordinator; 2022-25) (1st term) University of Edinburghmprevede@ed.ac.uk
Mara Josi (Prizes coordinator; 2023-2026) (1st term)University of Manchester/University of Cambridgemj502@cantab.ac.uk
Claudia Dellacasa (EDI coordinator; 2023-2026) (2nd term)University College Dublinclaudia.dellacasa@ucd.ie
Katrin Wehling-Giorgi (EDI coordinator; 2023-2026) (2nd term)Durham University katrin.wehling-giorgi@durham.ac.uk

Under Clause 10 (b)

Dario Galassini (PGR Representative)University College Corkdgalassini13@gmail.com
Silvia Vari (PGR Representative)University of Warwicksilvia.vari@warwick.ac.uk
Elisa Vivaldi (PGR Representative)University of Edinburghelisa.vivaldi@ed.ac.uk
Federica Coluzzi (ECR Representative)University of Warwickfederica.coluzzi@warwick.ac.uk
Paolo Saporito (ECR Representative)University College CorkPSaporito@ucc.ie

Under Clause 10 (c)

Silvia Ross (Editor, Italian Studies: Cultural Studies issue, 2022-2025) (1st term) University College Cork s.ross@ucc.ie
Charlotte Ross (Editor, Italian Studies, 2022-2025)(1st term) University of Birminghamc.e.ross@bham.ac.uk
Heather Webb (Editor, Italian Studies, 2022-2025)(1st term) University of Cambridgehmw53@cam.ac.uk
Marina Spunta (Editor, Italian Studies, 2023-2026) (1st term)University of Leicesterm.spunta@le.ac.uk

Under Clause 10 (d)

Gigliola Sulis, Leeds (UCLM)University of Leedsg.sulis@leeds.ac.uk
Emanuela Patti, University of Edinburgh (Digital Strategy; 2019-)University of EdinburghEmanuela.Patti@ed.ac.uk