We are pleased to announce the forthcoming conference Press Play: Creative Interventions in Research and Practice

MACRO / British School at Rome / MAAM

28-29 March 2019

This conference will bring together art practitioners and academics in order to explore common interests in creativity in, and as, research practice. It grounds this conversation in the broad disciplinary area of Modern Languages, which has been at a critical juncture in terms of defining its purpose and identity for some considerable time. For more information  please click here


Day 1              (MACRO, 28th March 2019)

10.00-10.15        Coffee and registration

10.15-11.15        Luci Callipari-Marcuzzi, ‘Tracing Threads of the Past: Collective Crochet’

Bella Kerr and Catrin Webster, ‘Drawing and Making Time’

11.15-12.15        Katie Zazenski, ‘The Contemporary Superorganism: The Role of the Artist in the 21st Century as Impetus for a Resilient and Innovative Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Future’

Genevieve Guetemme, ‘Combining Art and Research to Explore Contemporary Transnational Mobility’

12.15-13.15        Mary Sherman, ‘What if you could hear a painting? Or, from Visual to Aural and Beyond’

13.15-14.00        Lunch

14.00-15.30        Parallel sessions

  1. Kinga Araya, ‘Walking and Talking within and beyond the Frame’

Ali Alasan, Abimbola Odugbesan and Jacopo Colombini, ‘Five years Lampedusa in Hamburg: mapping resistance and co-producing knowledge and memories’

Malcolm Angelucci ‘Performance writing as creative intervention’

  1. Phoebe Boswell, ‘On Decoloniality’

Kashia Pieprzak, ‘Mapping Affect in the Moroccan Museum’

15.30-16.00        Coffee

16.00-17.00        Parallel sessions

  1. Phil Davis and Alicia Kent, ‘Playful Disruption of the Primary School Classroom’
  2. Giuliana Pieri, ‘Beyond Logos and Techne: Creative Responses to Italian Feminist Art’

17.00                       Transport to British School at Rome

17.30-18.30        Caroline Smith and Paola Splendore in conversation (Wine Reception)

Day 2              (MACRO / British School at Rome, 29th March 2019)

10.00-11.15        Parallel Sessions

  1. Sarah Culhane and Daniela Treveri Gennari, ‘CineRicordi: Co-creating an Archive and Documenting Italian Cinema History through Personal Memories and Artefacts’

Emanuela Patti, ‘Creative interventions in the digital space’

Matteo Dutto, ‘Interactive documentaries and digital storytelling: Remapping participatory research practices across media’

  1. Cate Consandine, ‘Directing the Sensate’

Dan Popa, ‘PRESS PAUSE, and go back on box #9’

Florian Mussgnug and Liz Rideal, ‘Will-o’-the-Wisping, in Word and Image’

11.15-11.30        Coffee

11.30-12.30        Artist Talking

Justin Randolph Thompson ’Preparing a Recovery Plan: Black Archive Alliance Volume I’

Shelleen Greene, ‘Black Italy: Notes Towards a (Future) Archive’

12.30                       Transport to British School at Rome

13.00-14.00        Lunch

14.00-15.15        Parallel Sessions

1.Raimondo Cortese, Hyperrealism and the Everyday in the Work of Ranters Theatre

Francesca Bellei, ‘Never Funnier Than When He’s Hungry: Plautus’ Comedies and the Trafficking in Translation’

Harriet O’Neill, ‘Art History, Scenography and the Sacred’

  1. Rachel Scott and Zalia Zogheib, ‘Reflections on a collaboration between King’s College London and P21 Gallery: contemporary artistic responses to Kalila wa-Dimna

Kim Donaldson, Feminist Colour-IN as working visual-material archive

15.15-16.00        Artist Debrief

Luci Callipari-Marcuzzi, ‘Tracing Threads of the Past: Collective Crochet’

Bella Kerr and Catrin Webster, ‘Drawing and Making Time’

16.00-16.15        Coffee

16.15-17.30        Artists talking

Katia Kameli in conversation with Siobhan Shilton

Nikolaj Larsen: ‘‘Towards a Promised Land’

18.00-19.00   Keynote Address: Doris Sommer, ‘A Case for Culture’

Followed by Exhibition Opening and Wine Reception