The Third Guest Speakers Series || 25 January — 5 April 2023 

The School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh  is proud to present  Italy by Design, a project ideated by Professor Federica Pedriali,  that looks at the art of cultural transmission working selectively on the material success of the invention of Italy in the last 500 years.

The project started off as a senior undergraduate-masters level course with a guest speakers series attached. It is now coming together for its third guest speakers series ahead of the forthcoming book.

The new series is organised in six thematic panels bringing together the 33 scholars contributing to Italy by Design (the book) as part of a sustained dialogue with present and former students of Italy by Design (the course).

Each seminar lasts 75 minutes. Speakers have 5 minutes to present their case as part of the opening Roundtable (40 mins). Respondents have 20 minutes to offer comments and counterarguments, with closing Q&A open to all participants (15 mins), and Speaker/Respondent reversal in the final episode of the series.

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MEDIATION CTD || 22/02/2023 17:00-18:15 GMT

Panel looks into the operations of a variety of media (puppetry, photography, film, multimedia-AI) to take issue with the demand for narrow (stereotypical, othering, orientalising, colonial, voiding) representations of the Italianness of Italians.

Speakers – Giuliana Benvenuti (Bologna University)

Dalila Colucci (Seville University)

Reidar Due (Oxford University)

Sally Hill (Victoria University, Wellington)

Mauro Martino (MIT-IBM Research)

Giuliana Minghelli (independent scholar)

Federico Pacchioni (Chapman University)

Respondents — Edinburgh Early Career Group