Following the successful launch of the EDI Excellence Awards in 2021, proceeded by a blogpost showcasing the promotion of EDI elements in the Italian beginner’s language class, the second edition of the awards (concluded in December 2022) further expands the breadth and diversity of actions made towards increasing access and inclusivity within the broad discipline of Italian Studies while celebrating diversity across the full remit of the SIS’s activity.

This year’s awards range from research-led pedagogical activities to debates on inclusivity in Italian language classes, from websites to interactive maps and audio-guides as alternative city tours that rethink and foreground the colonial legacy of Italy’s urban spaces. By showcasing these initiatives, we celebrate the creativity and expertise of members of the Society for Italian Studies when it comes to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the classroom and beyond.

The EDI Excellence Awards are assigned every year to two categories of participants: Students (undergraduates and taught postgraduates) and Staff and Researchers (PhD students, early-career academics, and faculty members). We welcome ideas for future blogs on all EDI related news and activities. Please share your comments and ideas with the SIS’s EDI coordinators, Claudia Dellacasa ( and Katrin Wehling-Giorgi (