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The  Choose Italian Day, aimed at teacher of Italian in secondary schools, was held on 18th June 2016.


Below are the materials that were presented at the event.


The outline of the Choose Italian day can be found here

Resources for ab initio teaching are available here

Overview of the new 2017 GCSE and GCE exams

Peter Langdale’s report on the day

Daniela La Penna, The Choose Italian Campaign, and The State of Italian today: challenges and trends in schools and universities: Italian in the curriculum_2016

Alistair Drewery, New Italian GSCE_2016

Giuliana Pieri, David Brown Thomas Cooke,  Interdisciplinary Italy

Charles Burdett, Transnationalising Modern Languages_2016

Derek Duncan, TML_Outside Classroom_2016

A report on Collaborative Italian Study project, Interdisciplinary Italy

Jane Briggs, Dulwich College
 Hugh Michell, Hockerill Anglo-European College Lucy Edge, Presdales School
 Marcella Oliviero, Bristol University
 Ornella Tarantolo, Italian Bookshop,  Teaching Materials_2016

Enza Siciliano Verruccio,  Grammar?!? F***! Adventures in Italian grammar teaching