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The next Postgraduate Colloquium  ‘Minorities Report. Italian Culture, Facing Otherness’

will be held on 29 November 2019 at the University of Durham.

The Colloquium will provide an opportunity for postgraduate students to discuss the extent to which multi-vocality has had an impact on Italian Studies so far, the direction in which our disciplinary field is moving and its role in an ever-changing national and global context.

Prof Loredana Polezzi (Cardiff University), an expert in the fields of translation studies, comparative literature, and history of travel and migration, will deliver a keynote lecture in the morning. She will propose an intersectional approach to the concept of minority intermingled with the experience of feminine migration. In the afternoon, Dr Guido Furci (Durham University – Sorbonne Nouvelle), with his strong knowledge of minorities’ voices and juridical statuses, will explore forms of ‘indirect witnessing’ and ‘intrusive memory’ in the context of Italian contemporary literature.


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